What is the expectation of attendance 
of players at each of the tournaments?
The tournament schedule is posted at the 
beginning of the season. Players are expected 
to check their calendars and determine what 
level of commitment they can make during the season. Players/parents should report out any conflicts in schedules to the coaches as soon as possible. 

 How often does the team practice?
Winter training begins in January and continues indoor until the weather permits (March/April). Winter training is typically once a week. Outdoor training schedules will be defined by the coaches as needed (typically 2x to 3x a week when tournaments begin). 

How do I know if my daughter is ready to play travel ball?
We recommend that your daughter have some experience playing ball. Travel ball can be intensive and very competitive. If your daughter is ready to experience that level of play and commitment and she is a team player travel ball may be appropriate for her.
Should my daughter participate in Bozeman Recreation Fast Pitch in addition to travel ball?
The Bozeman Stealer's travel team works with the Recreation League to determine what level of involvement should, or needs to, exist between the two programs. Please discuss this with the coaches of the Stealer's travel team on what is appropriate for your daughter. If your daughter is a U10 player we ask that they play Rec league and then travel after Rec league is finished.

Should my daughter participate in the Middle School intramural program in addition to travel ball?
This is a personal decision for you and your family. You may want to consult the Stealer's coaches to determine what is appropriate from a development level for your daughter.

Can I expect my daughter to receive equal playing time in this league?
Playing time will be determined by a number of factors, skill being one factor. Because this is a competitive league there is no guarantee of equal playing time. Several factors can impact playing time - number of innings in a game, game situations, attendance at practices, ability, attitude, etc... If playing time becomes a concern, please contact your daughter's coach to discuss the issue.

I am interested in assisting the coaches at practices and games if possible. How can I get more involved from that aspect?  
There will be times that coaches need assistance from parents to run certain drills. Please make your desire to assist known to the coaches. It will be the expectation of the coaches that the skills taught to the girls are in line with the techniques supported by the coaching staff. The coaches are certified and have agreed on the techniques being taught to the players. This consistency is critical for the players. All coaches must be ACE certified and must pass a background check.
What kind of time commitment can my family expect to make with this club?
You can expect to commit your daughter to attending at least 2 practices a week when the weather gets warmer and spending each weekend beginning mid-May traveling to tournaments around the state. In addition, there may be clinics and special practices for specific player development (i.e. pitchers and catchers) that your daughter may need to attend. We want each player to be able to participate in the full experience this has to offer. If you are unable to travel with your daughter all the time, please contact other parents for rides and support. We have always been able to arrange additional transportation and lodging in those circumstances.
If I disagree with how things are being run who can I talk to?
As with any organization there are issues that not everyone can agree on. It especially becomes significant when it involves a family member. We ask that these disagreements be handled professionally and with the appropriate parties. You can contact any one of the board members with issues and concerns or discuss the issue with the coaches. We ask that these conversations be conducted privately and not during game/practices times.

What is the goal of this organization?
Our major goal as an organization is to develop players and teach age-specific fundamentals and strategies to help each player reach their fullest potential as they advance within the Bozeman Stealers organization.

At the core of the BSFO beliefs is a love for the game in a fun and safe environment. See more information on the Home page and About Us links.

How frequently does the board meet?
Board meets once a month, usually the first Monday unless previously arranged differently.  These board meetings are open to interested parents and they will be posted on stealers facebook page.

Our family is unable to fully pay the fees for participation. Are there any scholarships available or is there an alternate way to pay these fees? 
Yes, scholarships are available to assist in offsetting the cost of travel ball. Please contact the club's treasurer for more information regarding this.

Are clinics required for participation in the travel program?
No. Lack of attendance at clinics will not directly, negatively, impact playing time for your daughter. However, these clinics are designed to improve skills and competence in playing. This can directly impact their effectiveness in the game, thereby increasing playing time.

What is the role of the Board in this program?
The Bozeman Stealer's board exists to put in place the structure, processes, and procedures necessary for this club to achieve their goals.

Our Mission: 
Bozeman Stealers Fastpitch is a non-profit organization designed to:

The board manages the goals of the organization, the financials, and provides guidance, direction and resolution on issues that affect the achievement of our goals

 What is the participation fee for travel ball?
Participation fees will vary annually based on the goals of the organization. Players can obtain sponsorships to offset the out of pocket expenses for these fees. Annual fees vary between $200 - $700 per year.  These fees do not include any travel expenses (i.e. gas, hotel, meals).

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