Travel league softball has a 
strong tradition of being very 
competitive.  Having said this 
however, we place an emphasis 
on the experience and not our 
win-loss record.   We will strive 
to win at all levels and we will 
have to work hard to do so. We 
expect the players to have the 
right attitude, put in their 
maximum effort, and be willing
to learn at all times. It is important to 
remember that they are still learning 
fundamental skills, and are working to 
advance their overall performance and competitiveness.  
We feel that competing as a Stealer is 
important to each player’s chances to make the high school squad and to contribute to the competitiveness of their team.  It does not ensure a spot on the High School roster but it can help.  Club participation is a great opportunity to develop and hone skills to a higher level.   

As each player moves up through the levels of the program (as she gets older), the emphasis of what we are doing changes.  The emphasis will be adjusted by the coaches of the teams as they determine the level and ability of the team as a whole. We always put a significant emphasis on having fun!

Emphasis items/priorities  for each level:   
1 - Skills development       
2 - Basic fundamental Enhancement       
3 - Competitiveness   

1 - Continued skills development       
2 - Competitiveness       
3 - Fundamental enhancement and reinforcement (it is assumed that these skills are in place)   

1 - Competitiveness       
2 - Continued skills development       
3 - Fundamental enhancement and reinforcement (it is assumed that                 these skills are in place)       
4 - Positioning for post high school participation

The above assumes that the players on the teams have the necessary prerequisite skills to adjust the priorities as they go through the age groups. The Stealer’s organization is young. We are building a program for the future. This means we may need to focus heavily on skill development until these skills become common practice. This requires patience on both the player’s part and the parent’s part. It does no good to focus on being competitive if one does not know the fundamentals of fast pitch softball. 

It is important to understand that no one has been assigned a position in the field.  Everyone must be willing to try new positions as assigned by the coaches.  Players will be placed in the position that the coaches determine will best benefit the team.  We place a great deal of emphasis on team unity, and players are expected to support each other at all times.  Players will always exhibit good sportsmanship.    

Practices and Games:Team practices will be scheduled for 2-3 times each week starting in March (as weather permits) with off season work outs (at least) once a week generally starting in January and going until we can get outside.  Outside practices will be scheduled on weekends and some afternoon/evenings . We strongly encourage as much field time as possible.  Pitchers and Catchers should work out as often as possible.   It is expected that you will arrange for transportation to and from practices, your daughter will be at practice on time and ready to go when practice is scheduled to start (not rolling in at start time) and that they have their needed equipment.  This is greatly appreciated.All games will be in a tournament environment.  Tournaments are scheduled for weekends.  It is not uncommon to have a game scheduled for a Friday evening.  We will generally play 4 to 6 six games each tournament.  

Player Equipment:Each player is expected to have their own glove, batting gloves, cleats, mouth guard, sliding shorts and knee (sliding) pads.  It is preferable that each player have their own bat and helmet.  We will provide protective batting helmets, catcher's gear, uniforms and some team bats.  If an individual player provides their own bat, her team mates will be expected to ask permission to use the bat each time they wish to use it. Do not be embarrassed to ask that only your daughter use her equipment.   Each player will respect the wishes of her teammates.

Player Fees:We will publish the payment schedule for all player fees. It is the expectation of the club that payment be made promptly and according to this schedule. Failing to do so may impact your daughter’s eligibility to play on the team. If you find that this is a financial burden, please see a member of the board for more information on scholarship opportunities.

Travel:Tournaments are played out of town and will require transportation and lodging.  We will reserve blocks of rooms as a team. These reserved blocks will be posted on the website with specific cut off dates.  We will provide you with the lodging information but you will be expected to confirm a room for yourself.   If you cannot attend the tournament and need accommodations for your daughter, please check with other parents. We do not want this to impact a player’s ability to attend.

Participation:Your daughter is expected to participate in all practices, tournaments and scheduled events.  Where there are circumstances that preclude 100% participation, please let your coaches know as far ahead of schedule as possible if your daughter will be unavailable to attend a practice or tournament.  This common courtesy will allow for better planning and increased team unity.

Playing Time:There is no “minimum play” guideline.  While all players will have an opportunity to play there will be games where the coaches make decisions not to play everyone based upon specific circumstances.  It is the coach's intent to maximize the involvement of all girls, but it is unlikely that playing time will be distributed exactly equal.  It is important to understand this. Playing time will be dictated based upon effort, attendance, commitment, attitude and ability.  

Parental Involvement:It is extremely important that all parents exhibit good sportsmanship.  We encourage everyone to root for our team, and expect that our fans will not root against the opposing team.  This includes courtesy to the umpires officiating the game. It is very helpful if the parents reinforce the message of team unity and remind players of the how critical each position on the field is.  

At this level of play, everyone must contribute for us to be successful.  We promote attendance at all tournaments by family members.  Full parental involvement in the club will only contribute to our success. We highly encourage all parents to become involved.