We will strive to win at all levels and we 
will have to work hard to do so. We expect you to have the right attitude, put in your maximum effort, and be willing to learn 
at all times. It is important to remember 
that you are still learning fundamental 
skills, and are working to advance your 
overall performance and competitiveness.  
You must be willing to try new positions 
as assigned by the coaches.  You will be 
placed in the position that the coaches 
determine will best benefit the team. 
We place a great deal of emphasis on team 
unity, and you are expected to support each 
other at all times.  You will always exhibit 
good sportsmanship. Anything else is un-
acceptable and could lead to dismissal from the team.
Practices and Games: You are expected to participate in all of the practices.   Winter training has begun and will continue each Sunday until the weather allows outdoor practicing. 
Once outside, practices will be scheduled on weekends and some afternoon/evenings.  We strongly encourage as much field time as possible. 
Pitchers and Catchers should work out as often as possible.
    Most games will be in a tournament environment.  There will be times when we schedule scrimmage games with neighboring towns. Tournaments are scheduled for weekends.  It is not uncommon to have a game scheduled for a Friday evening.  We will generally play 4 to 6 six games each tournament.
Time Commitments: Bozeman Stealers is a commitment to your teammates and yourself.  The majority of the tournaments we will participate in are scheduled for June and July.  This is a commitment that we expect your best efforts to meet.  
Participation: You are expected to participate in all practices, tournaments and scheduled events.  Where there are circumstances that preclude 100% participation, you are expected to let your coaches know as far ahead of schedule as possible if you will be unavailable to attend a practice or tournament.  This common courtesy will allow for better planning and increased team unity.
Attitude, Effort, and Willingness to Learn